News broke that Anita recently cancelled an event at Utah State University (where she was supposed to speak) after the facility recieved a very nasty threat on not only her life, but also the life of basically all who attended the event (and all feminists in the school).
Seemingly from a crazed nut with a serious problem with feminists (where ever it stems from), the threat describes the crime of Marc Lepine (murderer of 14 people in Quebec’s Ecole Polytechnique engineering school massacre in 1989) and how he will recreate the carnage if the event (Anita Sarkeesian attendance) is not cancelled. That is a paraphrased version of the real letter but that is the jist of it.

The threat (as interpreted by her and the rest of those involved) was obviously serious enough to scare them into cancelling the event, which is quite unfortunate. The terrorist who set out to disrupt this event obviously succeeded.

This is bothersome to me.

I am not a fan of the work of Anita. In fact, I would ALMOST go as far as saying that I hate her for what she stands for. To me she is not just bad for atheism, but also even for the women that she claims to be standing for (exploiting? You be the judge).

And I know that she is known for stifling peoples free speech. And there is an alleged conspiracy between her and twitter, in having youtube user Thundrfoot’s twitter account unfairly closed.

But none the less, none of these things are worth a death threat. It is one thing to be angry, it is quite another to take that anger WAY to far.

If this was someones idea of a joke, NOT FUNNY!
If this is someones way of speaking out against feminism, come on. Create a blog and vent your mind. Don’t threaten someones life (even if you don’t REALLY plan anything malicious).

Not only do you make the others on your (our!) side look like assholes, but you play right into her game. Your persecution plays straight into her persecution complex.
There are THOUSANDS of people with completely LEGITIMATE grievances against Anita and her work. These people have no agenda besides making their feelings known. They certainly would never consider hurting Anita.
But Anita’s fans and the world at large do not see us thousands. They see the one or 2 fucktards that take it WAAAAY to far.

Of course, this is all hinging on these alleged threats being real (who knows).

But assuming validity, stop the threats.


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