Terrorism Everywhere – Or Just For Headlines?

Something that seems to have grown far worse in the last while, is the presence of domestically radicalized terrorists. Its getting a growing platform (hand in hand with the growth in Isis coverage), bit it has always been an issue.

But now it seems that there is a need to apply the word “terrorist act”, just for the severity. Or in particular, because of the presence of a radicalized muslim.

Recently there was the beheading in a Moore OK warehouse. And a day or so ago, 2 Canadian soldiers were run down and killed.

This would seem to be an otherwise non-noteworthy story, using any number of variables (in terms of ethnicity or beliefs of perpetrators). Certainly not terrorism.

And yet, this is how both those stories were reported. Actually no, FOX news was the main pusher of the “terrorist” word in the Moore incident. And most of the media outlets I read call the quebec incident a “possible” terrorist attack.

I just wonder if the word is only in the headlines because of the religion of origin.

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