#Gate – Another Annoying Online Trend

Ah, annoying online trends . . . There is never a lack of those at any one time, is there?

A new one that seems to be surfacing lately, is the trend of adding #gate to anything that is considered in anyway scandalous. A throwback to the Watergate scandal of years past, its most recently reemerged as #gammergate (formerly known as the #Quinspiracy, it involves Gamer/game creator Zoey Quin gaining favours and good ratings by basically fucking 3 of those tasked with evaluating her game) and #pluggate (an american artist with a sense of humor put a giant “Abstract” piece of artwork in the middle of a Paris public square that mysteriously resembled a giant green butt plug).


I understand the connection, but these utterly first world problems are NOT Watergate.
Maybe im annoyed at something that, I shouldn’t be šŸ™‚ . Who knows.

Speaking of who knows, I wonder how long until were hearing #penisgate or (in the case of TJ Kirk, The Amazing Atheist) #banannagate .

2 thoughts on “#Gate – Another Annoying Online Trend

    1. Oh I know. Its so, obvious lol.

      Apperently it got slashed (yep, an inflatable gigantic butt plug).

      Now we need one for Topeka KS. And one for the lawn of the Anerican Family Association.

      Imagine the look on Bryan Fishers face LOL.

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