#NormalizeAtheism – A New Movemont

This is a new hashtag that is beginning to trend on social media. Being that atheists tend to be STILL regarded as one of the least trusted groups in (primarily) the US, this hashtag is designed to expose the religious (who often times do not have any vocal atheists or non believers in their life) to Atheists and non believers. The idea being, to break whatever arbitrary mould they have set up in their mind when it comes to their interpretation of what an “Atheist” is.

As I understand it, this is mostly playing out on twitter and most messages either relate to why they are Atheist, or to how they are just like everyone else.
Nothing like taking a page from a republican campaign strategy.

Despite the last comment, I like the idea. Its a cool way to try and get the point across, that atheists are just like anyone else. Despite the reservations I have with the movement, I do not deny that there is no reason why atheists should be close to (if not THE) bottom of a majority of peoples least trusted list.

And yet despite the ever increasing numbers within the movement, they seem to (as
Madalyn Murray O’Hair put it) “sit on their asses”. Im sure I will have someone rip me apart for that. Feel free.
From my prospective, the biggest accomplishment of the movement was the elimination of teacher lead prayer in school in 1963.

This hashtag is cool, and it will get the warm and fuzzy feelings fired up. And yet, its just a hashtag.

But my biggest annoyance with the hashtag is again, it seems to imply that Atheism IS secularism (as opposed to being just a category of it). #NormalizeNonbelief does the same, without the favoritism towards Atheism.

Just saying.


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