Radical Feminism – Its Up To The Moderates

We have all seen a dramatic increase in the rhetoric of the radical feminist movements of late. In fact, even to the casual observer, it would almost seem that this faction has swallowed the whole of the community whole. One thing is for sure, they have hijacked any good that most see in the word. To the point that even those who would normally apply it for belief of the right reasons, are more apt to distance themselves, not wanting to be put into the same thought process as the others.

Its a nasty situation that many are railing against, but it is not something that is going to be changed with outside influence. It is far to easy for such people to resort to such go to scapegoats as misogyny and the patriarchy.

The voice of reason must come from within. Those that embrace the values of gender equality but do not share common ground with the radicals, must make their voices heard. And most importantly, they must take back the word.

As the nut jobs run wild under the banner of feminism (often times for profit!), more and more people view only these people, and tune out. Which is not only bad for what good people are in the movement, but also for the REAL victims of  misogyny.

Outsiders can do the best they can to spread the word, expose these people for who they really are. But the only true fix for the problem, will come from internally within the movement.

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