Tired I be

In the last few months, I have begun approaching things from, shall we say, a very middle of the road perspective. Walking along the edges, to gather as much info as I can, in order to make my decision. Or just flat out, not paying heed if it seems a matter that should not be on my radar anyway (a good amount of the material that comes down the social media pipeline).

Though I consider this to be a fairly “reasoned” perspective (to borrow one of the 3 secular buzzwords showing intellect), it seems that almost no one, cares about starting from the middle ground.
Its all about picking one side or the other.

Atheism or theism. Feminism or bigotry/MRA (not insinuating all are bigots, just showing the view in some minds), Michael Brown or Darren Wilson, Bill Cosby or his alleged victims . . .

I believe (always have) that the job of a good debater is not just criticism of his oppositions arguments, but also of his own/his sides arguments. This seems obvious for those that claim to be out to educate. Its a 2 way street (or at least it should be).
Part of this post is stemming from not changing viewpoints. That is the goal of any debater. But in my case, I try and make it less about changing minds, and more about just, having the opposition weigh the argument, ponder it. But it seems that its easier for many to just default to the predetermined arguments of whatever the camp is that they reside in, then to acknowledge ANY criticism.

As many know, this has been a source of much frustration of the past few months. Which has lead me to asking the question . . . . . Is it sometimes best to just ignore these peoples “irrationality”?

Despite annoyance with many of the various camps of frustration for me (particularly Feminism and Secularism/Atheism), I do still enjoy a degree of participation in each. And not just that, I understand that both groups do have members that are working towards bettering their respective groups, and the world at large. Not to mention that I see myself ever so gradually turning bitter. Into One of my friends who is an interesting character to have around, yet also (at times) poisonous to the mind and the sensibilities.

My internal debate now, is whether I should just slap on the label “Agnostic Atheist” and be done with it, for sanities sake. Even if I see myself more in the Apatheist category, its just easier then dealing with “Well thats a form of Atheism to!” before we can even begin a conversation.

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