Kids Saying Offensive S*% – Enough Already

I am sure that many of us have seen these videos by now. Shocked, amused or enraged, they are almost guaranteed to invoke some reaction in all of us.

I was (at first) amused, but not for long. And not because I consider either to be all that horribly offensive. Vice has some segments of children telling dirty jokes, and those don’t really bother me.

What I do wonder however, is if these children are old enough to truly grasp what they are being told to say, and do.

I understand the concept, shock sells. And I understand the want to promote awareness of the problem of domestic violence and abuse.

However, if these kids are still seemingly young and impressionable, is this not a form of domestic violence (child abuse)? Its not physical abuse, but one could say that its an abuse in that its force feeding children questionable ideas and views before they are able to use their own intellect to decide on where they stand.

Of course, there are the Vice videos I refereed to earlier.

Some will say the same applies, and I will grant you that argument. I do see a difference however, in that the children are telling jokes, and as such KNOW they are jokes. And along with that, they should also know not to go saying these things in the wrong context (such as in the middle of class).

The offensive girls on the other hand, are not telling jokes, but are (for all intents and purposes) selling the ideology of feminism. Yes, the purpose is to bring awareness to the problem of domestic abuse. But it is obvious the secondary agenda, just by looking at the one sided nature of the presentation.
Abuse towards men does happen. I don’t care how seemingly minor the problem may be, its still a problem. Anyone who refuses to acknowledge this is not looking for a solution to the problem of abuse.

So, yes, one could say that I am offended by these feminist propaganda videos. However, it is not the colorful language that offends me. It is the medium’s chosen for the delivery of the message, that offend me.

People telling a joke know that its all in humor, not to be taken seriously. But those girls were not telling a joke.

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