Gay Hating Bakeries – Enough Of This S*%^ Already!

First it was Arizona, now its Michigan. Another state legislature attempts to push though another quote “Freedom Of Religion” bill. A bill designed to protect such people as bakery owners who may be faced with the demoralizing task of baking cakes for gay couples. Or the pharmacist that sees a moral dilemma in providing birth control. Or the straight EMT that finds an issue with helping a gay person.

The wording of these laws is a joke. There already is freedom OF religion in the United States, and in most every first world nation that I can think of. What this bill is, is a freedom to DISCRIMINATE bill. A bill to keep your right to live in a dark age bubble whilst the world progresses forward around you.

It should not surprise me that these things happen. Or that even in gluttonous and greedy america, some partaking in the system have values that overrule even the systems main tenant (more, more, more, by any means necessary).

But it shows why we need a strong secular force, pushing back against this ever present tide of ignorance.

A secular force that is concerned about the forward movement of humanity. Not a secular force concerned with what place one falls into within the group, and with correcting those that dare to break those falsely ridged limitations posed on an opaque subject. Yes Atheists, I am talking to you.

In terms of this post, I am willing to say, whatever to what decisions a person decides to make in terms of their business’s customer base (or who they want in it). Let them be free to, commit economic suicide and trash profits in the name of personal bias (values, depending who you ask).

But at the same time, businesses that engage in such discriminatory behaviour, should NOT be allowed to operate on the same level as the rest of the more open businesses.
For example, tax cuts and tax exemptions should be withheld.
Discrimination? Look in the mirror.

As for people who are in a position of public service (police officer, EMT, pharmacist), if they can not put aside their religious “values” and associations, then they should not be in those positions. Any found to have used their internal moral compass to influence any decision in their work that affects another person negatively, should be stripped of that employment. Discrimination again?

You work with, and for, the public. Your job is to help them without judgement. And if you find issue with that, you should not be in that position.

Seriously America, grow the fuck up.


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