Delicate Sensibilities – Can You Please Remove This?


The mind of the human is an interesting thing. A device of much complexity and capable of much complexity, yet often times willfully underused. Even the sharpest and most well sculpted minds, sometimes go places that makes one scratch their head.

There are many aspects that one could bring up here. But one of my favourite, is censorship.

The individual that feels a compelling need to tell others to restate or retract content because of something they deem as offensive within it.

On my various social media feeds (in particular facebook) I share a whole lot of stories and content that goes “after” a whole range of different backgrounds of people. Usually in a critical manor, and sometimes in a light hearted manor. Though there are more heavy handed stories that I share, those are restricted to select individuals that also do not see anything wrong with it (at least deem it as not “offensive” in the way most view it. Its offensive because of its content, not because of its existence). Though I DO have the option to share such content with all, its easier to just, not. Save my avenue of communication for things I deem it important for people to read.

With that rule of thumb in mind, and with all the varied content that I have posted over time, its funny to me when I can “offend” someone by happening on some small item that they identify with for some reason. It could be something as engrained as race, or as unimportant as an aspect of pop culture.
You can post about any other subject and at very least it just gets scrolled on by. But as soon as you touch that one buzzword, bam. I am offended by this, please remove it.

“Can you remove this please?”


In day to day life on social media, I can almost guarantee that I will come across something or other that I will deem “offensive” somehow (even if just to my intelligence).
Its almost a given at this time of year, with all the pseudo-Christians participating in the greed and gluttony based Christmas holidays while spreading the “Put the CHRIST back in CHRISTmas” message.

But I do not ask any of the posters to remove said content. I may criticize it on its posted location or on my timeline, but I rarely push for removal. The only justification that I could see for such a measure is if it is bullying, threats or something else of that nature. Though cyber bullying and bullying is a term often hijacked by those who use it to represent any criticism to their chosen stance, the difference between criticism and harassment is obvious.

A part of free speech and free expression is accepting other peoples right to free speech and expression. If there is a show on TV that you deem offensive, you change the channel. If you see something on facebook that offends you, scroll on by.

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