Share The Love – Stop Favoritism Within Science Journalism!

NDT billnye2

Of all the rants that I have aimed at the atheist/secular community, this will be the most tame. And arguably least important. But I am a blogger with a first world pet peeve, so here goes.

I am a heavy user of facebook. I use it mostly for obtaining and sharing news stories and other such information, as well as for other things most do. And it is here, in the obtainment of news, that I have recently found myself facing this annoying issue.

My usage history as well as my preferences bring me a wide range of news stories from many sources and on all kinds of subjects. One of the focuses is on secularism, the secular scene, and in science related content in general. This is fine by me. Science always is a source of interesting material to observe leisurely.

However, it seems that more and more of the articles are featuring a dwindling list of names, with popular ones such as Neil Degrasse Tyson and Bill Nye getting the most attention.

Now let me first state that I (for the most part) have no issue with either gentleman. The fact that I used the word “gentleman” betrays my fondness of the pair (I never use the word).
That said however, there are plenty of names within the many fields of science that do just as much work in the name of the betterment of the species, yet get little to no recognition for it.

I understand that Neil grabbed the torch left by Carl Sagan by bringing an updated Cosmos into the imaginations of a whole new generation. And who doesn’t love Bill Nye the science guy, fixture of 90s television and winner of the so called debate of the decade. Though that is hardly worth noting, since a house cat could win that debate just by being alive (“EVOLUTION BITCH!”. To steal a page from the drunken peasants).

Either way, showcasing big achievements and accomplishments is alright. However, writing about either of the 2 giving an unimportant speech here or showing up there, is hardly more then celebrity gossip.

Give the others in the field their due. Fellows like Matt Taylor, whom pioneered for the species by landing our first craft on a comet. Yes, the very same Matt  Taylor whom had this achievement overshadowed on account to the shirt he choose to wear, in support of a friend.


The scientific community is filled with interesting people and fascinating stories. Lets see some love given to them.

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