Stop Using The Brooklyn Cop Murders To Further Your Agenda

A couple days ago I wrote both a Facebook status and a blog entry that had me exploring the possibility of the murdered officers being victims of a delusional plot of revenge, hatched in retaliation to this over exposure of police violence in the media of late. As it turned out, not 3 minutes after publishing the blog entry and posting the status, I was already coming across online news articles (VIA Facebook) that claimed a revenge plot as a reason. However, I choose not to share anything that night. The details are always more clear in the following days.

What has happened however, is many special interests seem to want to grab this tragedy and use it to promote their causes and agendas.

For the past 2 days I have been cruising articles citing blame against the mayor of New York, the police officers, the police brutality protesters across the nation, conservatives doing what ever they are doing.
Then there is this pile of garbage put out by progressive organization “Truthout” accompanying a post about why we should not blindly trust police officers:


Just, shut the fuck up you pathetic vultures. Jesus fucking christ, the victims are not even yet buried, and here you are, shamelessly parading their names around for publicity. Your all assholes. FUCK YOU.

And now, Truthout. Now for this pile of dog shit link description.
I would argue that people who do not protest the death of the 2 officers CAN be seen as hypocritical, being that those officers who died, were innocent individuals of needless violence.
In fact, if you look even a little past your bandwagon influenced view (“they were not killed by a cop!”), then you could see it as part of the bigger narrative that is gun violence in America.
No, don’t protest the fact that 2 officers were murdered. Protest the fact that someone with homicidal delusions can so easily obtain the weaponry to play out ANY murderous delusional fantasy, in reality. Protest the fact that congress will not TOUCH the issue of gun control, despite over 90%+ of the population being in favour of such measures. Protest the debilitating lack of funding for mental health care across the nation.

The focus on who got killed, is irrelevant. This guy seemed to be emotionally unbalanced, ANYTHING may have set him off.

It should be all about why. And not why he killed 2 NYPD officers either, that reaction is but a symptom. A symptom, of what?
What are the reasons as to why someone could form a world view that could result in actions like this?

For the time being, I think this will be the last time I will be talking about this. 2 families are in mourning, and as a decent person, I feel that shedding light on this is just adding to the situation.

I would hope the rest of the media would look at the situation in a similar manor. But I won’t hold my breath.

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