The Hidden Danger Of Radical Gender Activism

I will begin by saying that I hope this is the last time I will be referencing the F word for the remainder of the year. Yes indeed, I do mean feminism. However, before I move onto something else, I must visit an area of concern (at least for me).
That area of concern, is the people that are on the sidelines of this giant shit show that is modern feminism.

First I have to clarify. Feminism and feminist are single words, but how they are defined by each person can vary a lot. As a result of this patchwork of differing definitions, one can not really look at all feminists as a single entity. Rather, its a large and assorted patchwork of a number of different variants of the same root concept.

Not all of these groups within the definition are in agreement with one another for various reasons. For this reason, in this piece (as well as anytime I argue against feminism or feminists), I am not referring to what one could call the equalitarian/egalitarian feminists.
You know these groups by their reasonable an mostly non-confrontational nature. They have a rational and reasonable goal of equal rights for all.

When I argue against “feminism” or “feminists”, I am arguing against the OTHER group.
Those that have dropped the “equality” aspect of the movement, and instead push for special privileges of only their group. Those who utilize male hatred as a part of their agenda. Those who only want to view problems such as sexism as being applicable to the female gender.
And most importantly, those who just need an excuse to push their bias or agenda.

Even though the world has many varieties of feminism, it is not the more reasonable natured varieties that get the press time. The ones that are most featured, are the loudest lunatics and charlatans. A nasty bi-product of social medias preference for the insane and exotic, over all else.

Some problems with this are obvious and easy to spot. The obnoxious idiots of this variety cast a dark shadow over all of feminism and paint all feminists in a negative light. The perpetual media presence gained by stirring up shit and constantly needing to make every issue a “feminist” issue (including the Michael Brown situation, and a recent shooting in Washington State) is not good for feminism. Sure, it generates traffic revenue for a few, but it actively shits on the rest within the group.

Arguably, the REAL Feminists.

But, other then smearing all of feminism, is there real world damage or costs to this increasingly prevalent rhetoric?

There is. And the affects fall into both sides of the gender divide.

On the female side, you have the risk posed by fear and misinformation. If you take everything put out by the radicals to heart, one would be inclined to treat every male with suspicion. To view every guy as a rapist who has just not yet committed the crime.
Then there is the increasingly blurred lines as to what can be considered “rape”. I have heard some claim that if one forms regret over previous CONSENSUAL sex, it can be viewed as rape.
Pardon my language, but IT IS NOT RAPE OF YOU FUCKING CONSENT!!!

Given this environment, it is understandable that some women may develop a very paranoid view of the male agenda.

When it comes to males, there are also risks. There is the obvious impossible task of proving yourself as NOT a rapist. And then there is the potential risk associated with paranoia generated by this anti-male radical feministic sentiment.

A few days ago I came across a youtube comment left by (presumably) a male, who claimed that he did not see the dating scene as “worth” it anymore. With the impossible standards to meet coupled with the potential of false rape accusations if a sexual encounter may be regretted by the lady later, he claimed it to be just to much.

One incident that comes to mind is #ElevaterGate. Some time ago some poor bastard happened to have the misfortune of asking a radical feminist (whilst on an elevator) if she wanted to come to his room for coffee (it was around 4am). The result was a viral ideological bitch fit of epic proportions.

An easy way to conclude that situation would have been “Sorry, not interested” or something similar. Or if he continues, then one can resort to the tried and tested “FUCK OFF! i said NO!”.

But though the situation could have easily been resolved, it instead became a “perfect” example of why we need “Atheism+” (or however else those dogmatists were trying to sell their ideals). Hell, its entirely possible that a guy asking you to his place on an elevator at 4am has more on his mind then coffee and a bear claw. Even so, there were ways of ending that situation without turning it into an incident of international notoriety.

Don’t get me wrong with this piece. Some males are assholes, and are poisonous to the whole group in their misogynistic ways. But this is not inclusive of ALL men.

It is an unfortunate thing that the crime of sexual assault is one of the worst crimes in terms of proof. But at the same time, there is a danger in demonizing ALL males, on account to this fact. Healthy dating and sexual relationships are a part of a full life. But this important step of maturity is put at risk, by the very protective mechanism that seeks to protect these individuals.

Consider this if your one of those that is inclined to think that this crazy batshit form of gender activism is rude and obnoxious, but overly harmless. It is not harmless, in fact it is MILES from it.

Just because a group claims to work towards the set goal of a bigger entity, does not mean that their actions can not be harmful to the whole of the entity itself. Ignore these negative elements of the movement at your peril.

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