The last while has been filled with all sorts of real life problems that have been pissing me off to no end. As is evidenced by my posts of this year. A whole lot of flack against Atheists, feminists (lately), and a healthy dose of annoyance towards rampant stupidity in the world in general (in particular, on social media). Its been awhile since I wrote a less dense piece, so this can be it.
Since its now New Years Eve (after midnight where I live) I think that this would be a good final entry for 2014. That is, unless something else bothers or pisses me off in the mean time. In the next 23 hours lol.

Dreams have always been an interesting thing for me, as they are for many people. I have over the years had my fair share of dreams of every kind (despite rarely remembering them). I have had myself put into all sorts of situations in dreams.

One from my school days had me come across a hill filled with money just inside my school yard. That was one of those dreams that your sorry to see come to an end (fuck, so im still poor? *sigh*).
Other times its hanging out with friends that I have not seen for a really long time.
Then there are the angry dreams that coincide with real life problems. For example, I have walked out on and punched out every single bad boss that I have ever worked for (in dreamland of course), with the exception of the most recent. Then there are the X rated dreams involving being involved in interesting and compromising situations with any number of people. Sometimes people close to you,those you do have a fancy for. And sometimes just random people around you that are not in your social group, but still ubiquitous in your day to day life.

Dream worlds can bring you to all sorts of places. And I used to at least somewhat believe in dream interpretation, used to read web forums dedicated to that sort of thing. This colour means this, this symbol means that, if you are naked in a weird everyday situation it means this, i you have sex with your best friend it does NOT mean your in love.
And I have at different times attempted to use these dream “rules” as a guide to interpreting my dreams. To no avail.

It makes sense now.

The dream interpretations do not make sense. They are no more applicable to my (or any other person’s) dreams then a horoscope is to any one person’s life. For the simple reason that, every single person leads a different life.

We all have different lives, habits, experiences, personalities and a thousand other things that make us the individuals we are. This means that everyone will have a very different set of stored content in the brain. This is where your dreams are made. They are merely a product of your mind using what is in the vault, in sometimes the most interesting of ways.
Horoscopes are written in a very generalized manor, so as to be fitting to as many people as possible. Grab 3 or more different publications and you will likely find that at least one has an at least semi-applicable horoscope to your current situation. Dream interpretation methodologies are in fact no different.
You can not apply a rigid set of rules to 400 different games and expect coherent results.

This does not mean that dreams can not be interesting to ponder.

When I have some kind of whacky or weird dream, rather then try and figure out what it means (how is this applicable to my life), I just try and see if I can recall the important elements of the dream. Recall how I learned them, and what other stuff is present yet unrelated.

Most of the time dreams that I remember are activated and dominated by something that is dominant in mind at the time, but also peppered with stuff that can go back from months to years.

Dreams may not be of much use for interpretation. But they are interesting to dissect. An interesting nightly movie provided by the mind.

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