Idaho Women Shoot By Toddler Son (With Her Own Gun)

Yet another unfortunate story involving a gun accident and a minor out of the US. Very unfortunate.

When out on a shopping trip to a Walmart with her children as well as nieces and nephews (using up gift cards from Christmas), the mother Veronica apparently left her purse (containing a loaded gun) unattended. When the mother was not paying attention, her 2 year old son started going though the purse and found the gun. And it seems that he accidentally shot his mother.

Again, a very unfortunate accident. That 2 year old kid, a well as all those who were present that day, are going to have a lot to get over in the next few years. All because of yet ANOTHER irresponsible gun owner.

I don’t really care that the family (parents anyway) are gun enthusiasts. Its Idaho (big surprise!). And it does not matter that they are avid believers in concealed carry laws either. All that I expect of those that insist on those beliefs, is to practice them safely.

In the article, her husband was annoyed that this case has become a talking point for both sides of the gun control debate. Fair enough.

But he also takes offence to the notion being put fourth by many (including myself) claiming that his wife acted irresponsibly, and that part of the reason for her death.
I know your grieving, and its not easy to hear criticism against the dead (especially those close to you). But in this case, I see it as justified.

A purse containing a gun should NEVER EVER be left unattended for ANY length of time, let alone in the presence of a curious and mischievous 2 year old.
Shes not just at least partially responsible for for own death, but also for all the future anguish of her son.

I wish the family well.

And for everyone else, let this be not a talking point of gun control, but a lesson to learn from.

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