New KKK board Causes Stir In Arkansas

I can’t believe it. I find myself in a situation where I am in AGREEMENT with the KKK. Holy Shit.

It all stems from a billboard erected on a busy highway in Harrison Arkansas.


The controversy surrounding this billboard is obvious. Its considered offensive to many, because it comes across as racist to many.

The problem with that conclusion, is that it is false. I am not sure about the content of the radio show itself, but the sign itself, is not inherently racist. And frankly, it does not come across as promoting the white race as inherently superior either (in response to a comment in the article). Again this is based on the sign alone, NOT the radio show itself.

Do not get me wrong, I know that the group did have alterer motives in erecting this billboard.  They are looking for a certain type of person, and do not want to be open about it. Because that, would cause a shit storm.

But yet, I still have to come to their defense.

There are many different groups that have different forms of self pride of which no one questions. One that is popular in Canada (and that sells a lot of t-shirts and baseball caps) is Native pride. Down in the US, there is black pride (among others).
All over the world, people celebrate different uncontrollable variations that they happen to be a part of though either birth or geography.

I always despise these forms of self pride, because I see them as nothing more then idiotic. What did I do to become Metis? I was born. I didn’t earn that title, it was thrust upon me.
Being proud of (and passing on) a cultural tradition is one thing. Being proud of ones pigmentation is quite another.

While I hate to celebrate these differences and see nothing useful coming out of the concept, I don’t deny that people can celebrate those difference’s if they choose. Its stupid and goes against the idea of “One Tribe” (a unified humanity), but do you boo (to quote Ana Kasparian).

This includes ALL groups. If it is not racist to celebrate native, black or latino pride, then it is not racist to celebrate white pride.


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