Pity the Planet: Environmental Agencies Are Failing Us



I have no issue with the message being conveyed here. However I think that the wording needs to be altered for  better effectiveness.

All these people that are preaching “Save the planet!” or “Pity the Planet” should realize that the wording does not work. Its easy to just say “FUCK THE PLANET!” and keep on doing whatever your doing with impunity. Which at the moment, is the unspoken actions of humanity (or at least the western and developing world).

The planet is not the biggest issue that we should be worried about. This rock has been here long before us, and it will be here and doing  its self-repairing activity long after we are gone.

What we should be worried about, is our future on this rock. I can’t see that humanity would be able to do ANYTHING to permanently screw up this planet.
However, the more damage we inflict, the better the chance that we will find ourselves wiped out in the planets self correction of our mess.

If we look at this from the point of view of fossil fuels and climate change, it could be argued that our continued addiction to the petroleum tit is a form of mass suicide. An abortion of the future of humanity.

Quite a dark turn that this has taken indeed.

But all the more reason to start giving this problem the serious attention that it deserves. People may not give a shit about polar bears or midway albatross, but they should give a shit about their children and grand children having the privilege of just being alive.

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