WordPress Technical Difficulties


I have been having an annoying yet seemingly intermittent problem with the wordpress iOS app. It seems to be only after the 8.0 update and onward (on a 4S device).

The problem is with saving my work. Being without a computer, sometimes I have to input large amounts of text VIA the app. I normally prefer using desktop for a number of reasons, but when unavailable when a topic is formulated in almost in its entirety on the spot, you use whats available.

I do what I always have done when typing documents of any length, out of habit. When using a word processor you have often, and so I do the same when imputing an entry. Though most word processors (and wordpress desktop) auto-save, I save every so often anyway. The app does not auto save, so that is one area where its necessary.

The problem is that recently the app has started intermittently dropping sometimes substantial amounts of text DESPITE having saved the content. (Saved before exiting). In fact I had brought one entry to its completion and published it, only to have it go live with half the content missing.
That case annoyed me because I could not remember the original content. I liked it a LOT, but had to change it, having not remembered what was written originally.

This is out to everyone in the community. Im curious if that has happened to you. And if it is an issue with the app or the phone.

One thing is for sure, I am not a big fan of Apple and iOS now. When I am able, I am not going to get another Apple device if I can help it. I may even settle for a new blackberry.

2 thoughts on “WordPress Technical Difficulties

  1. Incredibly infuriating for you I’m sure. The only problem I have with any part of WP on or away from the computer is the random ‘unfollowing’ I mentioned previously. Having said that I do tend to only use the phone app for reading rather than writing.

    sonmi upon the Cloud


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