Should I Attend A Bill Cosby Show? + Dalhousie Scandal Madness

I think its a safe bet to assume that most everyone reading this has heard about the allegations surrounding Bill Cosby by now. There are at least (I believe) 20 allegations spanning a 40 or 50 year time frame.
We have also heard feedback from many, including people like Bill Maher who claims to know at least one person who had an “interesting” time while on set with Cosby (after allegedly refusing his advances).
We have also seen the interesting reactions from Cosby to the allegations.
First it was clamming up and not saying anything. Then there was the awkward AP interview in which he unsuccessfully requested that a hardball question on the subject be kept quiet (a request they ignored). And the most recent story was his public warning to all those casting allegations his way. . . He has hired a legal team to dig up whatever dirt they can find on each person.
Granted, its likely he would have checked into their backgrounds anyway. But the fact that he announced it publicly makes it sound more like a threat then a typical counter-measure to a potentially damaging allegation.

Either way, my personal stance on the subject has not changed. I don’t know. Though I acknowledge that various factors are pointing towards “guilty”, its all still unproven and circumstantial material. Like the criminal justice system, I will reserve my judgement to what the facts say, and keep my opinions and bias’s separate.

That aside, we can move onto the real intent of this piece . . . Would I attend a Bill Cosby show?

The answer is no. But not because of the allegations.

The article linked above covers what I believe is a non-story. As Bill Cosby is on tour, many people find themselves in sort of a moral dilemma. They (presumably) obtained tickets to his show previous to the allegations going mainstream, and now they don’t know if being present at a Cosby show is sending the wrong message.

Ill clear this non issue up right here, right now.

If you purchased or otherwise obtained a ticket to see Bill Cosby standup comedy, the only message you are sending by attending, is that you are a fan of Bill Cosby.
On the flip side, the only message I am sending by NOT attending a Bill Cosby show, is that I am not a Bill Cosby fan.

Those that protest and demand to have the said appearances cancelled are idiots for shoving their agenda down everyones throat. And these people who are willing to make snap judgements on people just because of their attendance at a show are just as stupid.

Feel free to protest, have your say on a topic that you are passionate about. But leave the rest of the world out of it.
I do not forgo viewing Bill Cosby standup on youtube because I am aligning myself with the “righteous” digital warriors of our time. I forgo them, because I do not like (and have never liked) Cosby’s material.
So take your agenda and kindly, fuck off.

Dalhousie Scandal

I had planned on writing about this in another entry, but since were on the topic, ill cover it here.

It all surrounds (of all things) a facebook group in which 13 of the schools dentistry students were engaged in various misogynistic (and at times even threatening) statements about female classmates. The page has been removed by facebook and the 13 students suspended from the schools public clinic, and their educational future at the school is up in the air. However, names have not been released.

The names not being released is a big problem for many, who are demanding the release for transparency. Ontario dentistry watchdog The Royal College of Dental Surgeons is particularly eager to get its hands on the list.

The organization has warned the university that if it does not provide a list of the 13 names, then all graduates of this years class will be grilled if they expect to get a licence to work in Ontario.

Which is frankly, ridiculous.

Not that I do not deny that having professional and ethical people working in the healthcare field is a must. But look at what had spurred this mess on. A facebook group filled with misogyny.

As far as I know, none of these students have actually ACTED on any of the actions and/or threats posted. And by now, im thinking that they are mighty remorseful about having written and posted any of it in the first place.
This does not mean that they should get a pass for their actions. However, lets look at this in the proper context . . . . A bunch of immature dumbasses posting their immaturity online. What would in past times have been dorm room or locker room chatter, has now shifted to the internet. This is a phase that I am sure MANY have gone though in the past at that stage of life. And im sure they didn’t all go on to be rapists.

I would argue this as a good example of why we need to educate children from a young age on potential dangers of the internet. More and more often we are seeing stories in the media of children (and people in general) seemingly not GETTING that the internet is NOT private or anonymous. Despite much social interaction shifting online.
The reactions to problems created by this new technology seem to be legislative and reactionary. Which often times ends up just causing more problems down the road.
Consider the 13 year olds with a sex crime on their permanent record, all on account to sharing “nudes” with their relationship partner. Its a law with a good purpose, but that interpretation is ridiculous. Make all the PSA’s you want to inform the young, they are NOT listening (how well did it work in keeping teens off drugs?).

This relates to the Dalhousie story, because it has everything to do with the stupid acts of a young and immature mind.

What happened was unfortunate and should be punished. But its not something that should COMPlETLY decimate the future of those involved. This seems to be something that the president of Dalhousie seems to understand, hence the measured response.

Even though opposition against sexual abuse has reached a fever pitch in recent times, we have to be careful.
Many feminists go on and on about the worth of women and how its important that they not be treated as second best or “disposable”. I agree.

But it is a highway that goes BOTH ways. Equality dictates we are all equal, no one is more valuable then the next person. The names should not be released because their actions are NOT reasonable grounds to justify complete upheaval their lives and futures.

You don’t solve an injustice by creating a new one. And if your one of those that feels differently, then give your head a shake. Your not contributing to a solution, your part of the problem.

2 thoughts on “Should I Attend A Bill Cosby Show? + Dalhousie Scandal Madness

  1. “So take your agenda and kindly, fuck off.” – …and that’s why I come here. Because you say it as you see it, and we seem to agree for the most part.

    As to the students….a bunch of immature idiots, and yes, it is their use of the internet that has caused the uproar, children should be taught about repercussions upon the web. From what I’ve seen, not very many actual adults seem to understand the implications of words posted and pictures too for that matter. You can’t punish a whole year for this just because there’s no firm evidence as to who the perpetrators were. Yes, they will think they’ve got away with it, and yes they probably feel very sorry, at least that they got caught anyway. ‘Hate sex’, by all the gods that’s a new one on me. Gah. Unfortunately there is a culture growing (certainly in the UK and I believe in the US at frat parties) for young lads to drug girls by slipping pills into their drinks which knock them out, then they do what the hell they want with them and dump them somewhere afterwards. The girls don’t always remember enough to say who did what either. The internet has fueled this drive as well in my opinion by parents letting their teenagers watch copious amounts of easily accessed porn some of which is violent based and has much in the way of what one would call ‘hate sex’ I guess. I am not anti porn at all. It should not be banned, rather parents should get their bloody acts together and teach their kids how a decent human being acts. Sex education along these lines too would be beneficial. Zoons.

    – sonmi upon the Cloud


    1. I don’t think really anyone understands how the internet has changed things. We see the affect in how it has revolutionized (or wrecked) most any industry it touches. But we have yet to do any analysis socially.
      Not to mention that these generations coming up seem to be a lot more independant, and flat out self serving, then many past.

      Its an interesting cullmination that, who knows where it ends.

      All that one can know for certain, is that MUCH of the old rules are inadaquate.

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