Dog Meat Consumption – Get Off Your High Horse Western Civilization

Here we have a small piece from TYT on the subject of dog meat consumption and cultivation. It begins with a short piece from Humane Society International on the conditions of many dog meat farms in South Korea.
To be fair to them, they CLAIM to be more interested in the well being of the animals then the whole eating dog aspect. But at the same time, its not a stretch to imagine that there is an underlying agenda.

The TYT crew starts out on a fairly even trajectory, but most participants of the conversation end up on the side of hypocrisy in the end, with one going so far as to say that this is a “blight” against South Korea.

All I have to say about that argument, is give me a break.

I like cats, dogs and many other animals we consider as pets in our culture. I don’t see myself eating any of the above out of recreation or curiosity any time soon.
But I do see myself eating fish, chicken, pork and beef at some point. All of which are animals, as are we for that matter (though thats a WHOLE other conversation). And at least one of which is considered sacred to another culture. So as such, I am falling on the side of non-hypocrisy.
If it is a blight on South Korea to have a culture that incorporates the consumption of dog meat, then it is a blight to western culture to eat beef. The cow is considered very sacred to hindu culture, so its consumption is arguably a whole lot more offensive to that culture then dog meat consumption is to ours.

This falls into the same area of reasoning that eventually stopped me from signing various online petitions. Those that read “Stop *insert other culture* from eating/killing/doing this!”.
Not only are online petitions seemingly worthless (why would this leader or that care about the “democratic” wishes of a bunch of westerners who habitually support almost anything they come across?), but also hypocritical. For every perceived injustice the west points out elsewhere and uses as proof of higher morality, one (or more!) can be identified which makes is no better (or worse!) then the cultures we critique.

Anyone can string together any set of words. But actions tell the whole story.

2 thoughts on “Dog Meat Consumption – Get Off Your High Horse Western Civilization

  1. Spot on. Many cannot distinguish the fact that eating animals is eating animals, you can choose which ones you prefer, but the fact that others prefer ones you do not does not make it any different in the long run. There are other factors like how the animals are kept and the method of killing, but the basic issue is just as you say. It’s hypocritical to make a differentiation purely because some animals are cuter than others.

    – sonmi upon the Cloud

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    1. We westerners can be quite bad for making such hypocritical judgements. Its all part of, living a largly sheltered existence. One may not realize this hypocricy, without knowledge of Hindu culture.

      And so on.

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