“BUSTED! – Dr. Oz’ guest must repay $9 million to customers in ‘magic beans’ diet scam” (Green Coffee Extract)


What is above is not really anything new. People paying any amount of attention both to this blog and Dr Oz’s place in the news in general, will know about his many problems of late.

One of the products that generated the most controversy however (and was a part of the reason he was forced to testify before congress) was this whole Green Coffee diet aid.

But on the bright side, the consumers of this product appear to be winners in this settlement. With luck the same can be said for the many other products pedalled by shows like Oz’s in the future.

As suspected in my first post on the subject of the Ethics of Dr Oz a year (or so) ago and pretty much confirmed by a study released less then a month ago, take everything you see and hear on such shows with a grain of salt.

*both previous Oz oriented posts available in the “related posts” area below.

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