Fracking And Breast Cancer

This is an article about fracking and its perceived connection to breast cancer (among other things). Perceived, because most of the time these things are hard to prove (if its a definite connection, my bad).

One thing that annoyed me about the article, is its very gender and disease specific focus. The article seems to attempt to make the argument that the breast cancer connection is just as equal as climate change in terms of long term after affects of fracking. Which seems the wrong way to focus such an article.

Indeed, breast cancer can be a deadly disease and I have no doubt that fracking contributes to its formation. The problem is, these chemicals also contribute to the formation of ALL KINDS of other ailments in both men AND women. We can not exclude them.

Not to mention the notion of climate change as being equal to the breast cancer threat. As far as im concerned, that is flat out wrong.
Though the numbers are going up, breast cancer still affects a relatively limited number of people. On the other hand, climate change can, does and will further affect EVERYONE who lives on this planet.

This article is a good example of a whole tide of others written from a progressive or left leaning point of view which take the feminist angle as a starting point. Sure, there are some situations where this can work.

But this is not one of them.

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