Stop Asking Miss Universe Pageant Contestants Such Complex Questions!

Today I have a piece about a non-story really. But in the age of social media, ad revenue by mass clicks and 24 hour news cycles, it has come onto my radar.

Im unsure how old the story is (should be recent to the month, as I always make sure stories are recent before I use them), but recently Miss USA Nia Sanchez has been crowned. And as is customary, they asked her a quite complex question and wanted her answer.

The question was “What would you say to terrorists if given 30 seconds to talk to them?”.
Her answer:

“If I was given 30 seconds to give a message to the global terrorists, I would just say that, you know, as Miss USA I could always spread a message of hope, and love, and peace, and so I would do my very best to spread that message to them and everyone else in the world.”

I used Breitbart for the quote and AOL for her name. The link is not a recommendation of either article (CERTAINLY not the Breitbart article).

Anyway, as is the norm these days, people all over social media didn’t like Nia’s answer, and took to their chosen platforms to both criticize and mock her.

Something that I find, frankly, ridiculous.
Not the fact that people decided to take “offence” to the seemingly unthought out and cliche answer given by Nia. But more, because its such a heavy and complex question for even a seasoned mind to comprehend. Basically, what did you expect to get as an answer?!

I consider myself fairly in the know when it comes to world events and such. Current events and information is like water to me, and most of the time I revel in rivers of information from many sources (the majority being online).
In fact I prefer navigating this sea of data to partaking in such popular culture activities as watching movies, reading books and watching tv shows. What few shows I do watch tend to be very esoteric in nature and could be named on one hand.
And I certainly don’t really concern myself with “viral” online videos like top 10 lists, fail videos or other distractions. In fact I consider them to be largely poisonous to the minds they appeal to. To the point that I get out headphones and cruise news stories when friends start playing such videos in my presence while out for coffee. Yeah it sounds anti-social lol, but when the phones come out, everyone is staring at a screen. And when the friends phone goes away, so does mine.
Another annoying “problem” posed by this love of information is I sometimes get criticized for my lack of pop cultural knowledge. This used to bug me a bit. Until I smartened myself up with the understanding that its POP CULTURE, its ultimately useless information so who gives a shit if im not an expert, or “relevant”.

But back to the piece.

All that previous, was to illustrate my knowledgeability of the world around me. Its finite in the grand scheme of things, but still quite extensive comparatively to many people (even those that think they are quite “aware”).

Yet if faced with the question posed to Miss USA Nia Sanchez, even I would fumble. How do you even answer that?

“I would make sure to let them know that they are not only wrong, but also highly irrational”

Yeah. Cause that even works on many of the most harmless moderate believers of religion, let alone extremists on the fringes of the spectrums of faith.

Frankly, its a stupid question. Its a stupid question that has no real, right answer that can appease ANYONE. No matter what you say (or don’t say), you (she) will be mocked or vilified.
The fact that everyone is focusing on Nia Sanchez for her reply and not the idiotic question she was expected to answer is a bit irritating.

But overall, I don’t understand why people keep asking these beauty queens such complex questions. Unless they are looking to start a controversy by “proving” that the pageant is more about beauty then brains, or just that the winner is an idiot. But frankly, even if the winner is very ignorant of a lot of stuff and the person “proves” it, they are still an asshole obviously out for a cheap laugh.

Don’t get me wrong, stupid and willfully ignorant people irritate me to no end. But there is a difference between being willfully ignorant yet walking around like you know everything (think the average Fox news viewer), and being sideswiped by an extremely complex question.
Sure, they may be more ignorant of things I would consider to be important for my liking. But at the same time, I don’t really expect anything different.

Some may see that as an insult, sexist, or otherwise. But look at it this way.

Asking Mama June for advice on dieting to lose 60 pounds, or asking Phil Robertson his take on the homosexual prospective may be good for a laugh or an easy target for criticism. But does asking such questions for largely malicious reasons, really make you any better?

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