Vaccination – There Is NO Debate!


I begin this piece by first showing my contempt (yet again) for the antics of the progressive journalism.

This time I have no real issue with the article itself, which seems to be an overview of the beliefs of many lawmakers on the subject of vaccinations.
What is more bothersome to me, was the headline posted to facebook by the outlet. Asking commenters to tell the world what side of the “debate” they are on.

It could be said that it is a fair question. And its certainly a great way to ignite a fiery discussion, and get traffic into the article. But it bugs me because it seems to give legitimacy to the conclusion that there is actually a debate. Which is frankly, stupid.

Its akin to the “debate” between the climate deniers and the rest of the informed populace. On one side you have the vast majority of scientists and most everyone else with even a fraction of intellect. An on the other, you have the paid shrills and the morons.

There is really no difference in the vaccination “debate”. On one side you have the vast majority of the medical community, scientists and pretty much anyone else with an once of intelligence.
And on the other you have people like Jenny McCarthy. Having her son diagnosed with autism back in 2005, she linked the disorder to vaccinations that her son had received and became an outspoken advocate for quote “safe vaccines”. That is the angle that she seems to be playing up recently anyway.

She is not the only one in this movement. It has attracted many including some former doctors and other big names in pop culture. Even one of my favourite intelligent comedians Bill Maher managed to insert himself into into this group by voicing criticism to the necessity of annual influenza inoculations. A claim that interestingly may have been proven after recent studies showed the rate of non-infection after inoculation to be around 20%. Do what you want with this claim.

But either way, whether the movement was going more in the direction of “SAFE” vaccines or none at all, many in the public have drank the Koolaid as dished out by such big names as MacCarthy.

Even though we for the most part eradicated the indigenous forms of measles from North/Central/South America, anti-vaccination views have left many susceptible to the disease coming in from international sources.
And being human nature tends to bring groups of like minded individuals together, these diseases can often end up running rampant within close knit communities such as towns and suburbs. All it takes is one person to introduce the virus to kick off a cluster of illness.

And one of the worst parts about this whole situation, is that many affected have a tendency to be children. Adults may or may not have been vaccinated by parents, but they have the say on if their children get vaccinated. And as recent illnesses have demonstrated, many have listened to the anti-vaccine movement and NOT gotten children the proper inoculations.

To be perfectly honest, in my mind, refusing to have children vaccinated should be considered a form of child abuse. Just as religious beliefs should not be taken into consideration if the child’s life is in danger, neither should the non-scientific views of parents.

Recently it seems that Jenny MacCarthy has been back peddling on her stance as the poster-child of the anti-vaxxer movement by becoming “pro-vaccination”. Whether this is out of genuine knowledge gained or trying to recover a tattered public image, its to late either way. The damage is done. “Misunderstood” or not, people have died.

So my take is, for the love of GOD, GET VACCINATED!! There is NO reason for diseases that should have been eradicated to run rampant in modern society.

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