Stories “Breaking” The Internet – A Rant

Here we have a new up and  coming social media trend. Which is stories apperently going so viral that they “break” the internet.

The first time I heard of this stupid social media phenomenon was when Kim Kardashian showed her ass. The funniest product out of that in my opinion, was this:

I give this one a distant 2ed (I just found it).

The next thing to “break” the internet that I came across last night, was (from what I can tell) a colour ambiguous dress that apparently baffled simple minds everywhere.

Though its always best to not put a whole lot of thought into viral social media phenomenons (that is the point!), its hard for a stickler like me to turn off. So lets begin.

You can “break” infrustructure. For example, laptops, modems, routers, fiber optic transmission lines, ISP servers, internet backbone servers, web portal servers can be “broken”. But you can not break “The Internet”.

Thats like saying “I am going to “break” Seattle Washington!”.


Sure, you can cause quite a rukas and damage. But you can not “break” Seattle or any other metro, municipal, national or other area, because the designation is imaginary!

That cluster of buildings alongside Puget sound, is collectivly “Seattle”. Just as the vast network of interconnected machines is collectivly “The Internet”.

Enough with breaking fictional things in a litteral manor people. If you want to “break” something, go with your computer(s), smatphone(s) and anything else that could possibly connect myself to the mess that is the outpouring of your mindless thought processes.

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