Did Google HR Reprimand a Women Who Was Sexually Assaulted?

Kelly Ellis

I was on twitter a few minutes ago, and I seen this (along with a few others) promoted by anonymous. I have not yet heard about this, but it looks like it MAY be one of those stories that will hit the mainstream, being that it involves some big names and big accusations.

I decided to attempt at a bit of background research to see what could find out. There is a lot happening on her Twitter feed, but other then that there was this link on ( I assume) her Google+ account to this troubling article published on the WIRED tech magazine website. And there is this piece on the subject of sexism in tech (written by her).

At this point, I admit that I would not be surprised if both the incidentals and the claim of widespread sexism is correct. It is a male dominated industry, and this kind of thing can happen in such an environment. But as always, I air on the side of the evidence.

In this case, all the he said/she said is going to be hard to prove, which is unfortunate for Kelly and her other victimized peers in the tech industry. But one hope I have, is that there will be records. That the  incident filed with HR will be backed by a paper trail. Hopefully many trails pertaining to many individuals that have been victimized in this way.

There is no better way to show AND PROVE that there is a sexism problem at Google (and for that matter, any tech firm) then to have supporting documentation. Such documentation would almost be guaranteed to end it overnight (or at least I should hope it would).

Anyway we will see what (if anything) happens with this currently developing story.

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