Idiots And Homosexuality – I Just, Don’t Get it

With this piece, I am not writing about some blogger, vlogger or other dumb soul that I happened across whilst combing the ever-expanding virtual cosmos that is the internet. Nope. Unfortunately the following piece is about a person in my real life. One could them a friend, but even I am unsure of that at this point.

Me and this friend differ on a number of subjects. Which is not at all surprising. I share some sort of disagreement with the vast majority of the people I know, and am (for the most part) not afraid to assert this opinion when the subjects are brought up. These topics can vary from feminism and related movements (#gamergate) right to various conspiratorial viewpoints.
Some come from points of view that I can entirely comprehend, but just disagree for my own reasons. Others range from the agnostic atheistic (unprovable, but likely bullshit) right to the batshit (mostly from the realm of conspiracy, but at times there are elements from other areas, mainly religion). I have learned that it is unwise to say “this has GOT to be the craziest thing that I have ever seen/heard”, for there is almost always something around the corner that will take the award.

But none of them match to the, anti-homosexual. Some may label him as  homophobic, which I suppose could fit. But being not entirely, and that I hate using words just because they are “popular” to use in social media popular culture, I will not. You decide.

Either way, the stances of this person are (to the the least) head scratchers, bordering on flat out trollish (Troll. Another annoying “social pop culture” term that I hate using).

Anyway, we have been having a back and fourth “debate” about homosexuality for, around 6 months.
We have been talking in general on and off for a number of years (we usually go our separate ways for awhile if I question him on something. Amusing, I know!). This got somewhat worse whilst he entered university and started taking philosophy. He often had many weird and completely baffling “hypothesis” that he would share. Though I could see right though them, he was one who was often “above” wasting time educating someone like ME.
Which was also fine by me, being close friends with 2 other philosophy students that were not dumb ass cookie cutter philosophers (or to arrogant to share their wealth of knowledge).

But, the homosexuality.

It first started in a conversation with him, bewildered at the “choice” of liking cock more then taco. It took awhile to drill in that looking at it as a “choice” is entirely the wrong way to be looking at it. The science on people being “born” gay is inconclusive, but it is not a voluntary choice. He should have figured that out just by looking at his own past sexual history. Gay people know it is just as much a choice as, hair or skin color. Not to mention the stupid notion of CHOOSING to be one of the most discriminated groups there is.
Things are certainly not as bad as they once were, no doubt about it. But there is still enough hostility to warrant some homosexuals to just, stay in the closet. Lets just say, life is easier that way.

Anyway, after this was “settled”, though he acknowledged that some people do have various degrees of sexual desire towards the same sex, he refused to say that it was quote “the same thing as heterosexual attraction”.
On the surface, I fail to see the difference. Its still all about wanting to fuck.
But I think it was more, on a biotic level that he was going for (the chemical and/or neurological triggers and events are different than those seen in heterosexuals).  Or more, there is some sort of abnormality to which homosexual behavior is the symptom.

This was, hard to research. Though it is something that sounds like just an excuse reasoning, it was none the less something I tried to look up. Who knows, maybe homosexuality in the animal kingdom is an abnormality that is more then just statistical.

But I was not fruitful. Its possible that I was not looking in the right places, not intelligent enough to understand the information, or that it is just not available. Same result no matter what.

None the less, this does not mean that the concept of homosexuality is any less, credible. A weird physical abnormality or not, it is still a largely harmless trait in the grand scheme of things. For context, a man sexually attracted to another man compared to cancer.

At this point, our little months long debate by facebook PM got, interesting (where the “troll” thing potentially fits in). It collapsed from being semi-logical, into reasons based around the anecdotal. First it was that he found the idea of homosexuality “gross” (“Why would a guy want to stick his cock up another guys ass?!”).

First of all, its subjective. Also, some guys like to do “anal’ with a girl. What is the difference?

And then there was a tangent on how the rates of hiv are A LOT higher in the homosexual community then, in the heterosexual community.  Where he got this stat from (and what time period), I have no idea. But it is necessary for the sake of context.

For example, if you pull statistics for years when hiv was running rampant in the gay community due largely to unsafe sex practices (who needs rubber if he can’t get pregnant?) which foster in ignorance of the affects of the hiv virus, you will likely see inflated numbers.
However, when it comes to today, I doubt there would be all that much difference between (particularly) gay and straight males. There is no louder PSA for protection and precaution then thousands of dead.

The conversation didn’t go any further from here, because I decided that it was time to have some distance from this guy for awhile (I un-friended him on Facebook). Cutting off ties to people due to differing views is something I don’t normally do (I see people of all ideologies that are all to quick to do it, though in any other context they LOVE to walk to the drumbeat of free speech). But even I have a point where I have to say, enough is enough. Idiot or troll, nothing good can come out of this conversation anymore.

Keep in mind that I did not BLOCK him, he is welcome to friend me at some further point down the road if he likes. And our FB chat is still active. But I am not going on this topic any longer. And with luck, further post secondary education will help to, better inform him.

Since being unfriended, he asked me one day if I thought he was being “illogical”. I decided not to answer.

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