American Dad = Very Sexist?

I am a fan of the show. Well, not so much the newer episodes (it has taken a dive, like Family Guy). But I still enjoy old favorites like “Not Particularly Desperate   Housewives”.

However, recent episodes seem to have taken a particularly, sexist turn.

Im sure some may argue, that it has always been there. And they may be correct, though I am not as inclined as many to see it. Im no Femenist Frequency “Pop Culture Critic”.

But its hard to ignore, even for a largly Anti-Anita fellow like me. There is a whole lot of “You Bitch!” directed at Francine or Hailey for seemingly, mild infractions. Well, not even (“You bitch! I wanted that seat!”). Not to mention, playing up to the whole “dumb blonde” thing a WHOLE lot more then, before. Far to much, for me.

Im not one to overly, nitpick media. And I know that Seth deliberately loves to push the envolope.

But, dude. There is “HA! Oh no he DIDN’T!”. And then there is “Ok dude . .  . . Really?”.

Just a friendly criticism from a fan. Unlike “other” so called “Pop Culture Critics” criticisms, I do not expect you to bend to my annoyances and “offences”.

Just sayin.

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