Christian Vultures 

I will preface this by first stating the obvious (at least to me), that this rant is NOT aimed at ALL Christians in general. I would think that the vast majority of Christians  (or any religous group) would not fit. But there is a minority within that behaves in the way I will elude to. This is for them.

They are what I will call, Christian Vultures.

Earlier today I was on youtube, going though my subscribed list. There I seen a video put out by one of the ranters I enjoy watching. Apperently life was kicking the guy in the balls, things happened, and suddenly he was posting an appology video to his fanebase. Whatever. Shit happens.

Most of the comments were of a positive nature. Smaller channels tend to have these good fans. But there was one that annoyed me.

Based on a past video where the non-believing content creator admitted to being happy whilst almost “finding. god”, this person uttilized this past video as a jumping off point for their agenda. Making statements like “with jesus, you will never be alone” and other assorted religous dogmatic bullshit.

Its one thing if they say “ill pray for you” or something simmilar. That used to annoy me, but now I see it more as just the religous equivent of “Your in my thoughts”. A generic phrase that we say to try and show support to those in a bad place. How its interpreted is debateable, but its a harmless phrase.

However, moving in on someone when they are downtrodden and vulnerable and “sharing the message of jesus” is NOT helping them. I consider it the same as an Atheist  approaching a person suffering the loss of a relative or friend to cancer and saying “See! There is no god! What kind of god would let that happen?!”.

Support, consol. But fuck off with the agendas.

On a semi-related note, on the topic of prayer. Sometimes its just a way of showing you care genericly. But other times it is just a glorified way of doing nothing.

Do not tell me you are praying for the starving children, anywhere. Or for those suffering some ecological or man made catastroph, somewhere. Or about something like, the outcome of the human existence to climate change.

Make yourself useful in ways that REALLY do some good. Donate money, product, time or anything else you can spare to charities. A little or a lot is irrelevent, what is important is your actually helping.

Or just, say nothing at all. Most do not  look down on people who never talk about helping this cause or that, financially or otherwise. Some people help in the background, don’t feel a need to “brag”. But I DO look down on people that use prayer as a “contribution” to a real problem, be it a person I know or a huge segment with an issue. Particularly if those saying the prayers have vast wealth at their disposal.

As far praying away climate change, Good luck.

If I were to find out that I have cancer tommorow,and I decide to go the prayer route (as opposed to treatment), I suspect the end results will be simmilar. The difrence?

Cancer kills one. Climate kills ALL.

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