WP Face Lift

Photo by Bob Fraley

I have been mostly off line for the past several months, owing to technological issues (my laptop died back in July or August of 2014). Though I have been adding posts fairly regularly, using the site on the mobile framework is not the same as a good ole desktop PC (or whatever your choice of machine may be).

Having solved that issue for the most part, I have realized that my previous layout had hardly any maneuverability in terms of helping visitors search out past content (if desired). Not only did I have no easy access to monthly archives, but the 3 category options I do have available are FAR to general to categorize the MANY subjects I have tackled since starting this blog.
And I was not sure about the previous background color scheme (was it easy enough to read?). Some people make the argument that blogs set on white are boring. Maybe.
But I put more priority in getting my point across to readers in most of my posts, then I do in trying to “woo” them with my fancy background imagery. If anything, such imagery can be distracting, which is something I would prefer to avoid.

Hopefully the updated look and organizational changes will make this blog easier for followers and visitors alike to navigate.

And a thank you to all my followers.

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