California Has A Years Worth Of Water left, Say NASA Scientists

I had heard this first a few days ago on Real Time With Bill Maher, but I happened across it again today in the form of an article from Ecowatch and a facebook post from a friend.


The meme above is a good reason why this should be on your radar. I have seen various media outlets talk about climate disruptions in a joking manor by referencing the fact that things like specialty coffee, chocolate and hazelnuts (goodbye nutella!) may become a whole lot more rare then they are currently. But fruits and vegetables of the variety that most of us eat daily, is another matter.

So we may be about to see an increase in the price of fresh vegetables fairly soon. Not to mention, how the cities of southern California are going to cope with a very real loss of fresh potable water  within a realistic human time scale.

Just in time for the 2016 election campaign.

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