You REALLY Cannot Trust Blog Comments

The only thing more dishonest then editing blog comments from other people on your blog, is writing such a post without a comment area.

7 thoughts on “You REALLY Cannot Trust Blog Comments

  1. Hahahahaha that’s very true!

    I don’t think we should be able to edit people’s comments mind you, just have the choice to post or not.

    I’m sorry to say I also found it very amusing that all the vowels were removed. A smarty-pants insult, not impressive, but it did raise a laugh.

    – sonmi upon the Cloud


    1. Indeed.

      I suppose that it could have been a way to take from the intelligence of the commenter, if the recipient does not like the comment.
      I am used to people of various backgrounds going after my intellect (or grammatical skills) if they can’t find anything else to nitpick (apparently).

      This could have been done for similar reasons (though now the “offended” or disagreeable has actual control over the content).

      Though I would have thought that going the ” Opinionated Man” route and just ignoring the comment (and deleting a ping back to said post from a reply post) would have been easier.

      Naw, im not starting something. Just saying that intellectual dishonesty does not go unnoticed, and in sure I am not the only blogger that sees this pattern.

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      1. I have stopped following people because of their behaviour in the comment sections, their own I mean, how they react when people say something they don’t like or disagree with. Some people can be really nasty without being coarse in language.

        You, starting something? The very idea! *winks*

        – sonmi laughing upon the Cloud


      2. On that note, I DID call this guy an idiot earlier in my comment section.

        But in my defence, i was out and about and had that gem of dumb dropped in my lap without much time to respond “properly”.

        And I did respond properly. Eventually. 🙂

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    2. But yeah, I don’t get why I have control over your content in terms of comments. Editing should be up to the poster, NOT me.

      Not to mention that it can lead to a game of “well I did NOT say that!”, and whos to argue without dragging the WP IP department into it.

      Its a stupid setup.

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