A Mom Learns Her Lesson (Former Anti-Vaxxer)


Well its nice to see that some people learn the lessons of reality. Even though it took all 7 of her kids getting sick with the same vaccine preventable illness to drive the point home. 

I am glad that she finally is on the right side of science. But I am annoyed that it is her kids that have to pay the price. Which is part of the reason why I think that vaccination should be government mandated, not parent driven. Children should not have to pay for their parents inability to critically analyze bullshit. 

I am curious of one thing. That is, if the parents themselves are vaccinated. They don’t seem to be sick.   

If they are, that would make me even more annoyed. If they underwent the same vaccination schedule and didn’t run into any issues yet, there’s something to help you assert the safety of vaccination.  

And if you willfully ignored that and still justified putting your children at risk, then your a real tool.  

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