Charlie Hebdo Wins “Courage” Award

The PEN American Center has recently decided to award the French satirical magazine Carlie Hebdo a “Courage” award, for continuing not to back down even when faced with intense retaliation. And I agree that this award is well deserved.
Though the magazine is not selective in its targets of satire, its mockery of Islam brought it an ongoing onslaught of threats (continuing to this day), a firebombing back in 2011, and a fatal terrorist attack in January of this year. In spite of all this, not only is the magazine still going strong, but it also put out the issue for the week of the terror attack ON TIME. That takes some balls.

But, there are dissenters, as always (when Islam is a part of the conversation).

But they are not just from the typical progressive sources that you always get this resistance from.  Some writers in the PEN organization itself are also denouncing the move by the organization, 4 (so far) going as far as not attending the Gala where the award is set to take place in protest. Because of the magazines choice to ridicule Islam.

The organization put out its own explanation of the decision, basically saying that you do not have to endorse the contents of the magazine to affirm the principal of freedom of expression for which it stands.

I find myself continually annoyed by people in the free world (typically progressive types that are to busy trying not to offend anyone to notice how bigoted they themselves have become) who think it more important to cave to these terrorist assholes, then to stand up for the freedom for which they take for granted.

Charlie Hebdo is a magazine that did not pick only on Islam, everyone and everything was and is fair game. No one (other then a quiet few anyway) is putting up much resistance to those other targeted ideals or ideologies. Just Islam.

Maybe its because it is the religion with (currently) the most overtly dangerous followers. Though they are small in number, it is them that are responsible for the most terrorist related religious atrocities in recent years. And a lot of the time it is because of, a Koran being flushed down a toilet, a movie that is critical of Islam is released, a couple newspapers print demeaning drawings of the prophet muhammad.

We have no say what goes on in the theocracies of Islam in the world. But in the western world, nothing is sacred and everything is potential fruit for criticism, mockery, ridicule, anything!

When faced by such overt manifestations of freedom of expression, no other target feels a need to kill on account to such things. They may not be happy with it, but it is a part of life. Everyone has a say, and if you don’t like what someone has to say, then you can just ignore it.

All those that feel the need to retaliate after a perceived slight against their  lord and savior should take a page from that book and grow the fuck up. Your religion is no more or less special then any other.
And one is not a “bigot” for tearing down a religious ideology that is dangerous, when they do it equally to all others like it. So take that “islamophobe” term and shove it up your ass.

As for those westerners that enable this shit, get your head out of your ass.

2 thoughts on “Charlie Hebdo Wins “Courage” Award

  1. I support the PEN decision to honor Charlie Hebdo and its staff for their courage. It is refreshing to learn there are at least two organizations left that have the courage to speak out. May both PEN and Charlie Hebdo continue and flourish. Thank, goodness there are still a few independent thinkers left in this world. It is refreshing!

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