Bloging Criticisms

There are some so called “power bloger’s” that have recently published pieces that are critical of the choice of some blogs (such as mine) to write in such a way that they do not consider “audience friendly”. By that, I sense they mean people that do not write in a way that is, inclusive or interactive of the reading audience.

I think that I understand what they are saying, in that many of my posts are talking AT the reader, as opposed to writing in a way that encourages interaction.

I get what they are saying. But I also do not care.

In the world of WordPress (as in any other bloging community) it strikes me that there are many different types of blogs ran by many different types of people. Some have posting habits with the goal of maximizing viewer ship numbers. Some just like to have a place to write, with readers (and interaction) as a bonus.

Everyone  is on here for different reason’s. Some of us like firing off many posts in a day to keep things active. Others throw out a fairly lengthy post every 2 or 3 days.

There is no right or wrong way to run a blog. So all you big guys with advice on how to be like you, can tone it down a bit. Being different from you does not make ones choice a wrongful one.

2 thoughts on “Bloging Criticisms

  1. It is beyond me that they seem to find being critical of other people’s blogs a reasonable way to live your life. I am genuinely flummoxed. This world is full of people who want different things, and live different lives. Embracing the difference is a more civilized approach than criticizing it. I know people with all kinds of blogs, some of them don’t in any way at all put any effort into attracting readers and followers, and they are very happy to just use this place as a mental whiteboard to reflect back upon. One which some may come across, and maybe comment, and that’s all very nice if they do, but not necessary at all. I myself have never put any effort into collecting them, I love the idea of wandering through this blogosphere and stumbling upon some treasure or another in blog-form. I love it, because that’s what I do, and up to know it has proven to be a fine way to meet interesting and unusual people, with a huge variety of blog content.

    I have a feeling mind you, that were you say, to write a post that was critical of power-bloggers, that would not go down so very well. Glass houses and all that. Also, there’s every chance they would ‘release the hounds’, (I’ve seen people be almost savaged verbally for disagreeing with some power-bloggersor views, by furious followers, in a pack-like fashion. It is rarely clever, often cruel, and sometimes plain nasty), or reblog and have a paddy of such enormity…it might end up the size of their egos.

    There’s nothing wrong with ego – it is nice for folks to be proud of their talents and blow their own trumpets from the rooftops. But leave off those who do not wish to join in with all the singing and dancing, because they have a song of their own thank you.

    – sonmi upon the Cloud

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    1. To be honest, this said power blogger does seem to be going a bit, off their rocker of late. And they do tend to overreact to those that give them criticism, though they outwardly say that such does not bother them. Bullshit. Ive ignited that fire once before.

      Either way, I don’t do all that much interaction. For the most part I guess my public real life persona mirrors itself in my action here. I have enjoyed interactions with people of different viewpoints in life. But I don’t really seek people out.

      I tend to get annoyed with people in real life that are extroverted by nature and as such expect that to be the case for everyone. So when I see popular souls in our ecosystem doing the same thing, it inspires the same reaction.

      I have always preferred to do things (for the most part) my own way. To be popular in this day and age often means pandering to the lowest levels of intellect. That may be a bit harsh lol. But the majority seem to like content that is, easy to consume. Which is why twitter, youtube and facebook are so popular. No brain power needed, just click and share. Or in the case of youtube, watch.

      Im content being one of the sugar free porridge variety of creators on the internet. There is no money in it, and certainly not many views. But not all of us need such things.

      Something that I am most proud of (if you can call it an accomplishment LOL) is having 2 or 3 of my posts make the first or second pages of Google results for different topics ive covered (Apistevist, Solar Roadways debunked, Clairvoyant Chris). Something I figured out by the traffic patterns to said posts coming in from all over the world.


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