Your Ideology Is Not Sacred

I came across this interview in my youtube travels, and felt a need to make note of it.

This guy seems to be under the impression that his faith, his prophet and Islam in general should not be mocked or ridiculed for reasons of personal offense. Pretty much, the prophet is a tender subject for him and other Muslims, and it is deeply offensive to mock his faith and the prophet, so people should just opt to stay away from doing such things (in spite of having free speech laws).

He cites that American society has made allowances for other groups (such as Christians, the LGBT community and African Americans), but I fail to see it as the same thing. It is socially frowned upon to be racist towards others of a skin color that is not your own, and there is less and less allowance for homophobia. As for Christianity, people also will frown upon generalizations made on the group as a whole (Muslims to!).

But there is a difference between ideology/religion, and being a follower of the said ideology/religion. There are all varieties of religious followers, not all of them are the same. But that does not not make the overbearing ideology any less of a crock of shit.

So no, people should not have to “make allowances” because the Muslim community is offended and/or outraged by ridicule of the  faith and/or its past leaders. Such actions sometimes spark violence and murder amongst followers of the belief?

Well, how exactly is that our fault?

Charlie Hebdo (unlike Pamela Geller’s group, it should be noted) was not afraid to poke fun at or openly ridicule ANY group. Look up the magazine, they were not a single ideology target. But only one of those groups was responsible for the bloodshed they faced this past January.

All Charlie Hebdo did was publish some pictures. Some pictures that would not have had nearly the reaction if the Prophet Mohamed was swapped out for almost any other religious figure of note.

The action is not a mirror of the feelings of the whole of the Muslim world and the communities within. That should be obvious.
But there is also a clear message here that, some within the group need to grow up. So everyone should stop enabling these children by pandering to their terroristic threats. Especially the liberals and progressives residing in the western world that do this.

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