Goodbye My Sweetheart 


I remember when you first came into my life. Tiny and timid you were, scared after falling between the couch cushion and the couch.

Over the years, you have brought us a lot of joyful and fun experiences.

Playing  around in (and walking off in the handles of) plastic bags after a shopping trip. sleeping on the cable box because it was nice and warm. Hiding your little found knick knacks and toys like bottle caps (and at one time, a mint and a peanut) in various nooks and crannies of the house. Jumping on mums dresser and knocking her stuff on the floor to spite her when she said “NO!”.
You were a sneaky and mischievous creature.

Whenever I would come home, you would always be there to greet me. Though you were more quiet and timid then any other kitty I’ve known and did not enjoy being picked up, you had your own special way of showing and accepting affection.

I regret that I did not see or seek help with what was troubling you much earlier then I did. I should have seen something in your abnormally sleepy behavior, but I missed it in my pursuit of life. I should have taken these signs more seriously, but I was busy, being employed.

I am glad that your pain has now ceased. Accepting the inevitability of life was not, and still is not, easy. But it was for the best.

Though you are gone in the flesh, your memory will always remain.  Your place may be filled by another special friend, but you will never be replaced. You are one of a kind, and will always be, my sweetheart.

Your time in this world may have been short, but your impact on those around you was none the less profound.

Goodbye Princess.

Princess 7


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