Evolution Clears Josh Duggar?

Today I came across an article on facebook published by Raw Story, about some comments made by Eric Hovind concerning the whole Josh Duggar fiasco. Son of Kent Hovind , he is known for following in has fathers footsteps.

“Since Josh molested girls, which could damage their trust of men, which could damage their future marriage, which could damage their future family, we should make Josh Duggar work the rest of his life to help families stay together and help them recognize how twisted the world is and how God offers instruction on how to live righteously!” said Hovind, who is affiliated with the Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida.

“He should be forced to push faith, family and freedom in the public showing the Christian worldview has the answers,” Hovind continued. “We should force him to get a job at the Family Research Counsel (whose) mission is ‘to advance faith, family and freedom in public policy and the culture from a Christian worldview.’ That would be a great punishment!”

And now for the real treat.

“If evolution is true, then there is no absolute right and wrong,” Hovind said. “If evolution is true Josh should not have admitted his faults over a decade ago because what one evolved bag of molecules does to another bag of molecules just doesn’t really matter. If evolution is true there is no ultimate Judge on the bench who will hold every man, woman, and child responsible for their actions. And if evolution is true you will not give an account for every idle word you speak.”

The rest of the article is a bit more background, and a claimed boycott of TLC from Eric Hovind due to them canceling the show now though allegedly knowing about the allegations as far back as 2006.

Where have we heard this before?


 This is indeed one of the more idiotic things that I have heard lately. The claim driving the story (evolution = no morality / ethics) is indeed headache inducing. But I am again more bothered by the reaction to the story.

I have seen this movie play over and over in the realm of social media.

I go though the majority of my life without hearing a given name in the fundamentalist (or otherwise religious) circuit.  There are exceptions to this (such as the VERY infamous preachers, and Ken Ham, made famous by Bill Maher’s Religulous). But for the most part, I had never heard of many of the people that make social media infamy.

That is, until these people say something that is either insanely stupid, or otherwise offensive to the secularists of social media.
Ken Ham’s take on aliens (and I forget what propelled him to infamy between the debate and that incident). Kevin Sorbo’s stupid opinion of Atheists, among other things. And Josh Feuerstein . . . Christ, where do I even start?

Either way, none of these people were on my radar at any time for the VAST majority of my existence. I am thinking that the same can be said of most people. And for good reason. These people are idiots and have very little to contribute to constructive conversation, so why would society pay them any heed?

But, we do now pay them heed. In mass.

Because in the world of social media secularism, the new way to fight stupid ideals and concepts, is to share them far and wide. The claim made is that the more people who mock the stupidity, the better.

I HATE this mentality!

Sure, reposting and sharing this garbage all over social media does indeed generate a whole lot of mockery. But it also generates WAY more exposure then any of these people could EVER have hoped to achieve.
This does not help to fight their stupid ideas, it only drives more traffic to them. All of which only intensifies if they decide to play up the persecution card.

The way to fight stupid ideas is not as much public mockery as it is limiting exposure. Note that this does NOT mean hindering their freedom of speech or expression rights. All it means is, STOP GIVING THESE PEOPLE SO MUCH ATTENTION!

I do not know what will happen in this Duggar family situation. Honestly I don’t give a rats ass. But I can speculate.
Chances are eventually TLC will retract the decision to pull the series, once they are satisfied that both the pro and anti sides are as appeased as they can be. Duggar will likely retain his position at the Family Research Council, or whatever the name of that organization is. And the offended masses on both sides of the fence will move on, one side back to enjoying their favorite show, and the other finding something else to bitch about.

And newly infamous Eric Hovin will fade back into obscurity, where he and others like him rightfully belong. Or, will he?

It will be unfortunate if the secular community is responsible for propelling another Josh Feuerstein into popularity.

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