I have noticed something over the last number of years when it comes to many people in public. Proper hand washing is not as common as it should be.

Part of my need for clean hands could have been my past experience in the food service industry. Or it may be that I  hate having dirty hands (be it grime/grit, grease or otherwise). But I have quite a “rigid” hand washing schedule. Its not like a daily agenda (“Its 3 o’clock! Time to wash my hands!), but more, they are washed when necessary. Which happens to be quite often daily, no matter my location. But definitely after using the rest room. Its just common sense. Or so I would like to think.

One thing I have noticed while out and about in public washrooms, is that many people either do not wash their hands properly, or just not at all. Some that do simply splash their hands under the water for a second or 2, then go on their way.


I suppose its better then not washing at all, but without the use of soap, its nearly as pointless. And from there, they will first touch the door handle, and then many other things out in the public area your in. If a grocery store, this will likely include a lot of groceries, including fresh un-bagged produce.
This is part of the reason why no fruit enters my lips unwashed unless its in a peel. And even then, I sometimes wash oranges (though not bananas).

There are a lot ridiculous of forms of laziness that permeate the first world, a part of the reason why I often think that first world amenities are wasted on first world residents. But in cases like this, it makes me scratch my head. Since were talking about germs and sickness. And a short process that could prevent the spread therein.

Look at how the world reacted to Ebola. And how the world reacts to many other infectious disease outbreaks. People freak out. And yet, despite having the infrastructure in order to severely weaken many of these infections ability to spread, STILL many people don’t seem to take even the slightest of precautions. When the process takes maybe, 30 to 40 seconds at most.

I know we live in a busy world, and everyone has places to go, people to see and things to do. But its a tiny sliver of time and effort for a big preventative effect.


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