SJW’s Go Further Off The Deep End

Today while on facebook, I found this piece (sourced from an unknown tumblr page).

Check Your Privilage

Note that this is apparently NOT satire. Someone, somewhere, actually believes this. Its depressing indeed.

Though I have been aware of the Social Justice Warrior movement for quite a few months now, I have only very recently taken on the philosophy of many of the said people, as I understand it. The first was in this piece . Though it was originally planned as a rebuttal to a Common Dreams article that I deemed idiotic, it ended up being a fairly in depth analysis of most everything I see wrong with the SJW movement.
And yesterday I wrote a piece about Culture , basically sharing my view that no one really “owns” (or should be able to own) culture. Though I did lose my temper whilst dealing with another idiotic alternative media piece, I utilized reasons why cultural segregation was risky. It all boils down to the Lincoln quote,  a house divided against itself can not stand.

One of the recurring messages in many of my posts of the past few months (no matter the topic) is my absolute disdain for the ideological divisions that permeate our societies and many of our large social groups. Instead of putting aside variations in chosen ideology or belief (at times very minor variations) in the name of being united for the common good, there is instead often an insistence on having EVERYONE to be a mirror of what they believe. Because they are wrong (even if the “debate” happens to have no definitive basis for having such a strong negative claim).

I am not repetitive of these observations just because they annoy me. Nor am I repetitive because I think I am intellectually correct (my mind is malleable. You just have to have a good enough argument to back your claim).
I am repetitive in my criticism of this intellectual conformity because I consider it dangerous. These side distractions keep our efforts away from the important stuff. For example:

Our earthly demise was actually trending highly on facebook for the last couple days.

And speaking of environmental issues, one person who has (seemingly) taken a huge step in the right direction is Pope Francis. Though he has been fairly vocal on the topic of the environment (and greed) even before now, his recent encyclical on the topic was HUGE, grabbing attention everywhere (and earning many new opponents in the process).
I think the most hilarious reactions that I seen (so far) were from republican primary contenders Jeb Bush and Rick Santorum (both catholics!) with their stance that Pope Francis should not “try to influence economic or energy policy”. Santorum went a step further by telling the pope to “Leave the science to the Scientists“.

“The church has gotten it wrong a few times on science,” he told Dom Giordano, a radio host in Philadelphia, earlier this month. “And I think that we are probably better off leaving science to the scientists and focusing on what we’re really good at, which is theology and morality.”

Mother Jones

The most amusing bit about this of course being that the accusation is false. Pope Francis apparently does have a bit of a background in chemistry (though not a degree). Its highly possible that Pope Francis may have more scientific literacy then any of the current or future dipshits in the republican clown car.

For the record, I did not forget about the other issues of the church. But even so, I have give credit where credit is due.

Long story short, I don’t like the increasingly fragmented nature of our society today (thanks in part to social media). Particularly this irrational SJW shit that is becoming more and more mainstream.

But on the bright side, it seems that recently a segment of this group has started to tear itself apart from within.


I can not say that any of this really surprises me. When you close your mind that much, your bound to eventually start biting at one anothers throats.

But once again, the world needs us united more then ever. That is not to say that there is anything wrong with enjoying being a part of a given group or sect. But such a position is not always a means to an end.

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