GOP Presidential Candidates Encouraging Treason?

Its 3 days until Independence Day in the US, the day where American citizens celebrate the birth of their nation. Also with the festivities, this is a day where the politicians will double down on exactly how patriotic they are, how much they love their nation. This is something that goes both ways and on both sides of the aisle, but you can be sure that the GOP will be the most prominent. Being the symbolic party that right wingers tend to sympathize with.

However, it is interesting to me how some of these politicians and candidates for the republican nomination, seem to display disdain for their nation in other contexts.

There have been instances of this before, such as candidates running for president despite threatening cessation from the United States due to federal laws they deemed unreasonable (one I believe being the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare).

And now we have many of these presidential  candidates claiming that they do not intend to recognize the supreme courts authority in legalizing gay marriage across the board in all 50 states.
While not nearly as egregious as threatening cessation of their home state and then running for the highest office of the land, this show of contempt of the laws of their land should say something about the character of the candidates. Though it should be glaringly apparent already (considering the past 4 to 8 years), the ways of the US are only convenient when the winds are blowing their way.

What I don’t get, is why such behavior as this does not result in automatic disqualification for the presidency.  Sure, the bad public image that such candidates are making for themselves will likely put an end to their aspirations anyway. But if someone is so close minded as to be willing to sell out their own patriotism just to keep their chosen status quo, they have proven their unqualified nature for an office which inherently requires an ability to compromise.

To be fair, Obama has taken the whole compromise thing WAY to far, considering the republicans inability to give even a femtometer on anything. However, imagine the presidency with someone like John Maccain at the helm.
Forget not having slightly more affordable healthcare and legalized marijuana in 2 states . . . the US could have been in a VERY bad place militarily. Stretched to the limits already, imagine the military being even more stretched by every other conflict that him and Lindsay Graham want to join in on. Not to mention the possibility of reawakening a sleeping  nuclear beast.

This is not to say that some on the left may not have shown these views at some point. If so, they should also be unqualified for the presidency.

Though this entry seems more open ended at conclusion then I normally like leaving them, I can’t really think of anything else to add. Pretty much everything I want to say has already been said.

Namely, if you refuse to recognize all federal laws of your homeland,  how can you consider yourself qualified to be politically active at a high level in that land?

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