Russell Brand On Tunisia

Truthdig put this out today, and I have to admit that I am with Brand on this one. He is not someone that I normally agree with (frankly, I consider him a moron, particularly politically). But as always, I will give credit where credit is due.

Now, the politics.

While it is great to see him calling out David Cameron on his apparent hypocrisy, I also find myself mildly annoyed, because I can’t help but to think that Brand is a part of the reason why he is prime minister.

Though Brand is by no means apolitical, he encourages people to be apolitical to the established democratic system. While the goal is good (don’t participate in the status quo when you can help build something different), its a view that negates reality. The establishment is still applicable even if you decide to stay hands off in their electoral  system. The only difference, is that your non-participation makes them even stronger than they were before.
Brand has a rightfully negative view of the establishment media and its goals (keeping the masses ignorant and downtrodden). But he apparently fails to see that when he encourages a boycott of British (and western in general) democracy,  the wheel is left at the hand of, the ignorant and the downtrodden.

So to end this, good on Brand for speaking the truth (even if its offensive to even some victims of the Tunisian situation). But I still can not respect you.

Brand may be one of the most influential people that is fighting for a better world, but his methods are flawed. And quite frankly, detrimental to the cause of progressive change.

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