Anti-Gay Cake Bakers Levied Massive Fine
This is something I wrote about  before, but I don’t recall if I included my take on what the punishment should have been. As shown above, it was a massive fine. 
At first, I was in agreement with the TYT crew. Levy a fine, but 100,000 is WAY to much. But it turns out that we were not fully aware of the whole story.
The fine/settlement was not levied ONLY as a detrerant, but also as a punishment to the bakery owners doxing the gay couple while simultaneously keeping themselves in the spotlight for a prolonged period of time. The result being that the gay couple suffered many death threats, and even stress over the stability of their family (will their adopted child be taken away on account to the harrasment?). 

In this case, I am in agreement with the massive fine. And it figures that conservative sources would attempt to bend the story. 

Long story short, these guys made their bed, now they have to sleep in it. 

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