Sexist Double Standards 
Here is a video of an incident in a bar which provokes some interesting (well, frustrating) debate. 

Even if you don’t listen to the commentary, I encourage all to at lease watch the video. 

I have, a couple of times. And as far as I can see, she was the initial aggressor. Which is why it is unfair that charges (at least at the time of this videos creation) are only being laid against the male in this situation. 

There may be hidden circumstances that are not known that pertain to this (its always something I consider). That said however, since many tend to view these situations without nuance, I will preceed as such as a retort to those people.

There is a popular and incredibly stupid saying out there that is “A man should never hit a women”. I have done my best to rip this stupid feminist talking point to shreds on a couple of occasions. Once on account to a meme shared on Facebook by an unthinking poster. And again, on account to having a close friend vilified by idiot feminists for hitting his girlfriend in an angry outburst during a stressful time of life. I did not defend him, persay (obvioisly). But I attempted to shut down the “once a wife beater, always a wife beater!” Rhetoric. Because there is no better way to engrain such a thing on someones psyche, then to keep beating it in repetitively.  Otherwise known as, being counterproductive to ending the cycle of violence.

Another reason why this double standard is crap, is it goes against the whole concept of gender equality. I don’t care if you call yourself a “Gender Egalitarian”, a feminist (with the same viewpoint) or otherwise. Having special privileges is not a good path to equality. 

In a completely fair and just world, the only factors that would come into play in these situations are the actions of the individuals in question (unless circumstances involve other external factors, like gender or race). From the standpoint of equality, the bar scene would be judged according to who started the fight, and how much force was used by each participant. In such a scene, I am almost certain the female would end up taking the bulk of the charges. And the male would not have been dropped  from his sports team. 

Cenk (see clip above) seems to think that the male over stepped his bounds by hitting the women to hard. Though a part of me disagrees, I am more unsure then anything. As such I will not make much of a judgment on that action. 

The main point of this post is for the feminists, and others that believe in this sexist double standard. Infantilization based on special privilege is not a path to equal rights. 

Check your privilege ladies! 

I have been informed that my accertion of the “Men should never hit women” line of reasoning is not originally a product of modern (or even past) feminist rhetoric. It is more a product of European (and even pre-European) patriarchal tradition, though it has been adopted by some behind the curtain of feminism. One should also note that acceptance of this notion is not an exclusive trait to feminism (many note the gender divisions created by such rhetoric, and as such avoid it). 

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