Technical Difficulties 

It appears that the 6 year old (desktop tower) Windows Vista beast that has been the vehicle of much of my postings and online activities, has packed it in. To be fair, it has not entirly conked out (you can still enter from safe made), but thats as far as one can get. Attempting internet access is as sucessful as attempting access to a blockaded toll road with an unmanned payment booth. 

As a result, there will likely be less entries in the next little while, and potentially shorter ones when I do make them (long winded is difficult whilst mobile, let alone on a touch screen). But I will try to keep the flow coming. You can bet that anything of any major importance will not slip by me. 

Just a heads up to all of you that read my stuff. And a thank you to those that deem my thoughts interesting enough to follow here and on twitter. 

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