The Art Of Blogging 

Yeah . . . This again.

This site (and likely other similar portals)  seems to be filled with users, with postings named as such, or in a  similar  manor. Helpful tips and tricks on how to be your very best blogger. Translation, how to get the most readers/reblogs/likes/followers and however else we measure our experience. 

That is cool. 

But I think one has to note that such lists are less “how to be a successful blogger” then they are “tips that helped me (and others) become successful”. 

This may seem a silly thing to point out. But I fear that such lists could act as detrerants to people that may have interesting material, but problems with making it “follow the rules”. 

This is not to say that such lists do not contain good tips. For example, things that I have learned are the importance of organized posts (since I am volcal on many different topics, any of which may interest internal or external visitors) and neautral background to text color ratio (don’t make your material hard to read).

Those (for the most part) are the only “rules” I follow. Such rules and content I create is not what is popular here (or elsewhere), but thats fine.  Its how I make my mark on the world wide web.  If I were to consider myself anything, it be an activist on an array of different topics. My audience is not nessesarily just bloggers, but anyone for which the work would apply to, anywhere online. Some of my works even gain relatively high placement in search results on different topics I have covered. 

That is what works for me. 

The goal of this post is hopefully to help anyone that wants to create a blog, take the first step. Bloggers and tip sheets are often a great source of tips, but they are not a rigid rule book, to be followed with 100% accuracy. 

Though they are indeed tips, one must also remember that such pieces are often written from the subjective context of the individual blogger. For example, any pet pevves they hold about anything related may manifest themselves in what NOT to do. 

Read these lists, use them however you want. But remeber that blogging does not have to be like youtube or social media (about the views). You can follow that path. But you don’t have to. 

Be organized. Keep your links updated and unbroken. Make your material easy to read. 

But most importantly, get writing. Do not force yourself. Just, let the material flow into the keyboard. 

One thought on “The Art Of Blogging 

  1. I recently showed someone how to use wordpress, someone who wants to promote a book they’ve written, and ideally get as many followers as possible. So i pretty much told him to do the exact opposite of me hahaha. I’ve read a good enough amount of the tips given on other people’s blogs too, so I know enough and have sent him some links to posts that should help him as well.

    I don’t follow any of the rules at all, my tags are strange, and unlikely to lead anyone to me, my topics are on a vast list that is almost incomprehensible, I don’t follow people in order that they follow me, and don’t try and attract anyone for ratings. If they get through all the purple prose and then follow me, I guess they must be really interested, and more to the point, my kind of interesting people too.

    Your last line is indeed the most important one of all, and that’s the one I do follow *smiles*

    – sonmi upon the Cloud

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