Research 420 

Normally when I write about scams and the like, its stuff I find out about third hand. This person or that has a  ridiculous  new crowdfunding site, usually brought to my attention via some media piece or vlogger. Its not often where such a gem is dropped in my lap, or comes right to me. 

But today must be my lucky day. 

While on twitter doing some messing around on the DP Wiki twitter page (they often favorite or retweet my tweets to the Drunken Peasants, so I dropped by for a visit), I was followed by an account called @Research420 (I assume because I was found though the DP Wiki or Drunken Peasants twitter feeds). 

Curious, I took a look. 
In case it vanishes (or the link screws up), I also took a screen capture.


At first glance, one may think it a charity, or some other such organization. Or a twitter handle related to some crowd funding campaign raising money. But no. All that it has is, what you see (paypal information and a reason for donating, apparently kids with cancer). As for tweets, there is only pot smoking pictures as far down as I can go. Well, besides the correspondence with me, of which we will now get into in further detail.

Obviously having doubts, I sent out a tweet, curious for answers. Ill post our short conversation below. 

Needless to say, I am not going to send an instant message back. And I did not follow back either. I will not allow myself to futher spread the reach of, whatever is the goal here. 

Someone with charitable intentions should have no issues with publicly showing where they donate money that you donate to them. I should read it on the twitter profile itself! 

So, for the love of god, don’t line this person’s pocketbook. If this trick were anymore obvious there would be a “Gotcha!” cover image for the account. 

If you want to help cancer babies and children, donate directly to a charity, not though a third party. 

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