The Ashley Madison Hackers Are Not Moral

This is something that I have seen around the net in a few places, and (as is quite common) I find myself taking issue with many reactions. 

The sites purpose was to make it easier for partners in marriages wanting to have an affair, to do so. What you think of that action is irrelevant. They are but a provider of a service that is obviously in demand. 

What the hackers have done is broken into the servers and stolen all kinds of personal information related to the sites users. Demanding that the websites shut down, or they will make all of the information public. 

I have seen quite a bit of reaction to this, and though this is anecdotal, it seems that most are on the side of the hackers (“well, those people should not have been on the site in the first place!”). 

One thing that this argument overlooks is the many possible nuances that could be applicable. Though some may think “stop making excuses for cheating assholes!” (hopfully not just refering to males, since that would be sexist!), you have to dig a bit deeper than that.

Say you went though a rough patch and separated, turning to the site in the mean time. Or you used the site before you were even married (both explored in the segment above). Good luck explaining with that if your information gets leaked (which at this point, seems very possible). 

But above all, this is still inexcussable. They say that 2 wrongs do not make a right. Well, breaking in and exposing potentially millions of adulters does NOT make up for breaking in and stealing the data in the first place. 

Should people be fucking around on their partners? Ideally not. But its not your problem. Its as much your concern as one partner cheating on a diet (unknown to the other partner) is. 

This is not to say that friends, relatives and others close to such a situation do not have a right to intervene if they know someone dear to them is being lied to. However, when its millions of strangers (and many potentially not even guilty, but caught up in the sweep anyway), its a diffrent matter. 

Call yourself a moral crusader all you want. Your nothing more than an identity theif. No better than someone that breaks into a bank and steals information to sell. 

Though its asking a lot to expect people to put some thought into their arguments, come on. 
And besides . . . . Should one of your embarassing “skeletons” be ripped from your closet by some stranger, how would you feel? 

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