There has been much chatter about Cicil the Lions death in the last few days. Murdered by a trophy hunting dentist from small town Minnesota (of all places), Cicil was protected in a sanctuary, but was lured out and killed by Walter Palmer. I should be clear, palmer had paid someone to legally hunt the wild cat (they did the luring), but Palmer still pulled the trigger. But my sympathy for Palmer is limited, since he was apparently punished before for  illegally   killing a black bear. 

This incident is unfortunate. Not just because I am a fan of cats, big and small. But also because of the rare nature of these beasts. Not only was it a beloved local wild cat, it was also on the endangered species list. 

And Cicil is not the only endangered animal to needlessly die this week. #1 of 6 it would seem. 

I have seen quite a bit of stupidity surrounding this story. First of all, those sending Palmer death threats. . . . . Really?! 

And as for those trashing him on social media . . . . Its your propagative, if its limited to posting things to twitter, facebook and such. But doxxing, threatening, flooding his business with fake yelp reviews . . . . Come on! These are less the acts of an  impassioned   activist than they are of a teen looking to cause mischief for some misdeed. This is something that even those on CTV’s The Social didn’t even seem to get. Not that such was much of a surprise (social media does the thinking for you, for so many people. So why would I expect good arguments from them?). 

But another bit of stupid that has come out of this story, is many in the #BlackLivesMatter movement feeling that a lions death is getting more attention than those of previous Black lives taken away by cops. 

In all honesty, there is some truth to this. 

But again, I find myself going back to my previous posts that I just published. At least one author from The Independant referenced Sandy Bland for this point (“Why can the world unite around Cicil the Lion, but not Sandy Bland?”).  

For one thing, Samuel Dubose would have been a better example. Unlike the mystery surrounding Sandy Bland’s demise, we KNOW the context of Samuel Dubose’s death. If anything, this is telling of an auther that just needed an example to back up their piece. Being as femenist-leaning as the independant is, I can’t say I am surprised they they used Sandy Bland as the example. 

Yeah, that is an accusation of sexism. But its forgivable (who knows why they used Bland). What is worse however, is the obvious exploitation of the death of Sandy Bland for nothing more then click bait. 

And the fact that the #BlackLivesMatter people are getting their noses out of joint over people talking about a Lion’s death is, ridiculous. For one thing, this will blow over (every social media controversy does). And as insulting as it may seem to be from your biased prospective, try and see it from an outsiders viewpoint. Your lashing out at (and trying to make feel guilty), white people . . . . For being angry about the death of a Lion. 

Whatever point you may have is overshadowed by the ridiculousness    of the argument. 

Stop being so fucking idealistic. 

And the same goes for those condemning #AllLivesMatter. This is not racist, or however you have it twisted in your warped ideological mindsets. Its as egalitarian as you can get! 

To the point that denouncing it is almost hypocritical.  

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