Democratic Primary Conspiracy? 

This is certainly an interesting conspiracy. Not something I expected from DP, but I suppose anything is possible. 

If it is true, then it only serves as another blow to the credibility of the whole #BlackLivesMatter movement. Now not only is it becoming a movement that is overtly reactionary, but also a movement that could be a tool of negative political influence towards a perfectly good candidate. A candidate who’s only (apparent) flaw is not being a liberal big money fan favourite.  

Truth be told, I am thinking that this scenario is a bit doubtful. Or maybe I should rephrase. I HOPE it is doubtful. I already criticize many in the #BlackLivesMatter movement for exploiting the dead for little more than clickbait (not always, but often). It be a whole lot worse if some in the movement were found to be railroading legitimate candidates by proxy, due to which hand is doing the feeding. Especially when the target candidate has one of the best histories of them all in terms of fighting for the very goals of the movement. 

But I think the orgins of this problem, may be far more simplistic. 

What I suspect is something that plagues various groups and movements in the realm of social media. The problem of the echo chamber.

This is obvious to most, when it comes to the right wing echo chamber. Primarily based around the Fox news channel, but with many other right wing blogs, platforms and publications that also parrot the same spiel. 

But it happens on the left as well. As this video from A Dose Of Buckley nicely illustrates: 

But on the left, its not just news coverage that skews people. The left also has the biggest online presence (being that the younger generations tend to be more digitally literate than their older counterparts, of whom tend to be towards the right). While these digital mediums do provide a place to meet and interact, they also tend to foster a hive mind mentality. A mentality that is actively ripping the left apart just when they (we!) need to be united the most.

But as for how this is applicable to this case. . . . I have criticized this movement before, for being overly ideologically driven. It came out before when many were angry that a dead wild cat could unite people, but not a dead black person. 

And now (well, also before Cicil) it seems its coming out just because Bernie Sanders (and Martin O’Malley) are not pandering to the movements EXACT demands. I am not all that familier with O’Malley, but I know that Sanders is for the generalized help of EVERYONE, which includes all that is brought up by #BlackLivesMatter. 

But apparently, that is not good enough. He not only must directly apease them, but also list off every name of a black person wrongfully killed by an abuse of police authority. 

It be one thing if this was at a republican convention. But in at least Bernie Sanders case, this seems unjustified. 

If I can be perfectly frank, it seems like he (and O’Malley) were targeted just because they were easy targets. The protesters would likely have a HELL of a time at a republican event (just getting in, let alone storming the stage). And even Hillory’s camp may be a bit less, sympathetic. But they see how open Bernie is, and that he is likely the easiest to fixate on because of this. 

What it looks like is a bunch of ideologicly driven activists targeting a white man with their agenda. They may not have bothered checking into his history. Or they may not have cared, being of the many that thinks that ALL whites are responsible for the misdeeds of some (hive mentality!).  

Either way, this shit has to stop. Even Robert Reiche acknowledges how risky this splintering within the black community is to the welfare of the whole.
So, this whole conspiracy is interesting. But even without it, the left has work to do if it ever wants to truly live up to its liberal principals. Let alone its proudly stated progressive principals. 

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