Donald Trump

This has to be the most requested topic that some have wanted me to talk about in the last few months. Well to be fair, it was one person (a shoutout here to my co-worker Danny). 

I have been watching this whole thing unfold along with the rest of the world. Likely with the same mixture of amusment and fright that others are feeling. At the thought of THAT being a potential presidential candidate.

If I ever hear the words “President Trump” spoken as a statement of fact, ill know that the end is nigh. Fuck throwing around thoughts about possibly attending journalism (or other post secondary) school. Its time to build yourself a bomb shelter. Or take a long walk off a short plank. Because the HMS America is on a collision course with rough ground, and the captain is drunk off his ass in the saloon. 

But enough with the dark commentary. This is no Christopher Hedges article. 
When it comes to my opinion of Donald Trump, its likley not all that different from yours. 

He was not something that I felt any need to write about, because frankly, I don’t have to. Everyone else is doing so just fine. Hell, even Fox news is trying to tear him down. With hilarious results after the debate when the Don took to twitter. 

He is indeed a media whore of sorts. He stole the whole “I am an asshole!” thing right out from under Chris Christie, which was quite a feat. Because now Christie has largly nothing left. And, have you SEEN Chris Christie? Im pretty sure the Google Earth satellite did without magnification.  

But mooving on . . . (I was reminded of an old Bill Maher New Rule that ended in “Chris Christie has skeletons in his closet . . . OF COWS!”) . . . Trump is not all that interesting to me. 

All he equates to (at least right now) is a clown show INSIDE OF A CLOWN SHOW. Though he outshines all the others by a Texas mile, he is still but 1 in a series. The least crazy on the crazy train (since Ozzy is coincidently playing as I type this) being John Kasich, Rand Paul and maybe Jeb Bush. 

One thing I have to give Trump, is that he is about the most honest candidate one can ever hope for. Keep in mind that I don’t mean this is a Nixon-esk way (“I am not a crook!”). More in an, Eric Cartman with Tourettes sort of way.  

Its both the best aspect about him, but also the worst. Its what many people love about the guy, and what is driving up his poll numbers. But it will also be a big part of his downfall. And on that note, its also not going to do any favours to the republican party either (hence why Fox News is so interested in knocking him down a peg). 

 In terms of what I think are his chances of getting the nomination, I have my doubts. Though he is leader of the pack NOW (Augest 13th, for future reference), I doubt he will last. First of all, because talk can only get you so far. And second, because you need a platform that is not entirly delusional, impossible or flat out illegal. 

If he makes it to the other side and ends up running against Hillary (an educated and calculated guess), than things will get interesting. 

But until then, I won’t make mention of him again. He already has to much of a spotlight. 

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